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Hubei Province will meet the conditions of acupuncture and therapeutic massage into the health insurance

2011/10/19 9:49:41

Wuhan Evening News (reporter Wu Wei Wu Ye trainee correspondent correspondent Chen Jin) Recently, Hubei Province Health Department introduced the "Health Department of Hubei Province on medical and health system work in deepening further role to play in the implementation of medical opinion" at all levels of Chinese Medicine Hospital to create a "Chinese Yangshengtang" will meet the requirements of acupuncture and therapeutic massage into the health insurance.

     According to the "the opinions", Hubei Province plans to build three years of national TCM clinical research base, the Provincial Hospital of Chinese into the country"s first-class modern medicine hospitals, built in the province"s Chinese medicine, health care, research and teaching center. By 5 years, and building municipal hospital for Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine into a regional health care center within that municipal Chinese Medicine Hospital Medicine Hospital with all the three A-level standard. Chinese medicine hospitals at all levels to establish a "Chinese Yangshengtang" actively provide Chinese medicine health care services.

     "The opinions" in the proposed local to local conditions, an appropriate increase in the new rural cooperative medical policy within the terms of the national essential drugs and medicines of traditional Chinese medicine where additional reimbursement of the costs, the treatment of acupuncture and Chinese massage and other non-drug treatment technology into the new rural cooperative reimbursement scope to meet the requirements of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and therapeutic massage and other non-drug treatment technologies into the Chinese urban workers and residents medical insurance reimbursement range; incorporate Chinese medicine into basic public health services, expansion of Chinese medicine "treating "disease prevention and health care services pilot program; to eligible pharmaceutical medicine and Miao, Tujia medicine into the province added to the list of drugs.

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